(Photo by George Vogel)

WAITING FOR THE FIREFLIES: Miss Amy and her Big Kids Band entertain the little kids waiting for the main attractions at the Cotsen Children's Library Firefly Festival in the McCosh Courtyard last Friday.

Worst Heat Wave of Season Wilts Princeton

Matthew Hersh

As the most severe heat wave of the season grips the Northeast, Nassau Street's freshly paved surface doesn't seem so sturdy anymore.

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the pavement sticking to the soles of your shoes.

Hospital Redevelopment: One Town Gets Residents, the Other Gets Parking

Matthew Hersh

A new development will rise on the 12-acre site of the main campus of the University Medical Center at Princeton (UMCP). There, the two main hospital towers are likely to be converted into somewhere between 229 and 280 residences; a park will stand along Witherspoon Street where medical offices once stood; and shops will line a stretch along Witherspoon moving north from Franklin Avenue, while another shopping strip could line Witherspoon near Henry Avenue.

Township Creates Corner House Board; Appoints Goerner to Hearon's Seat

Matthew Hersh

Looking for labor-saving measures in oversight for Corner House, the joint-Borough/Township counseling organization for youth and families, Princeton Township Committee unanimously voted Monday night to create a board that will handle governing responsibilities for the 34-year-old agency.