NEW ORLEANS IS THE PLACE TO BE: Director of the Princeton Public Library and newly inaugurated President of the American Library Association (ALA) Leslie Burger (right) met with First Lady Laura Bush in New Orleans last week. The First Lady was a keynote speaker at the American Library Association's Annual Convention where Ms. Burger took over from outgoing ALA President Michael Gorman on Tuesday, June 27.

Librarians Lead the Way to New Orleans

Linda Arntzenius

When Leslie Burger was being considered for her job as Director of the Princeton Public Library (PPL), she was interviewed in New Orleans over dinner at Delmonico's. That was in June seven years ago. Ms. Burger returned to New Orleans this June to be inaugurated as the 2006-2007 President of the American Library Association (ALA).

Environmental Concerns Continue to Extend Senior Housing Hearings

Matthew Hersh

A hotly contested proposal to build senior housing along two expanses to the east of Bunn Drive in Princeton Township last Wednesday once again fell under the microscope of zoners, and of the neighbors, private and corporate, who would like to see the plan disappear completely.

A Rebirth May Be Underway as Republicans Look Beyond 2006

Matthew Hersh

Is a Republican Renaissance underway in Princeton? Based on recent voting records, it may be further off than some Republicans would like, but at last Wednesday's reorganization meeting of the Republican Association of Princeton (RAP), members outlined objectives in the coming election cycle and weighed the possibility of fielding viable candidates in the coming years.