(Photo by E.J. Greenblat)

ADDRESSING MIDDLE EAST POLICY: U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York) made her case for United Nation sanctions against Iran, saying that "we cannot, should not, must not permit Iran to build nuclear weapons." Ms. Clinton spoke last Wednesday at Richardson Auditorium on the Princeton University campus at a ceremony celebrating the Woodrow Wilson School's 75th anniversary and marking the creation of a new University professorship: the S. Daniel Abraham Visiting Professorship in Middle Eastern Policy Studies. See story on Page 7.

Hospital Site Taking Shape

Matthew Hersh

Any future development where the University Medical Center at Princeton currently stands became significantly easier to visualize Thursday when the Regional Planning Board, after months of deliberation, voted on Master Plan guidelines that will ultimately dictate zoning for housing, stores, and open space on the Witherspoon Street site.

$101 Million Arts Gift Could Impact Not Only Curriculum, but Campus

Matthew Hersh

Peter B. Lewis, philanthropist, chairman of the auto insurer, the Progressive Corp., and, as of last Saturday, the name attached to the $101 million donation to Princeton University supporting creative and performing arts, has, one could say two brains when it comes to supporting his alma mater.

Monument Lighting Closer to Goal Thanks to Special Purpose Grant

Matthew Hersh

Prospects of having the darkened monolith that is the Princeton Battle Monument at Borough Hall permanently lit brightened significantly last week with news that a state grant will cover a significant portion of the cost.