(Photo by George Vogel)

A TIMELESS MESSAGE FOR MODERN PROBLEMS: Dr. Marvalene Hughes, president of New Orleans' Dillard University, said Martin Luther King's message and his life-long struggle for civil rights, are what inspire her as Dillard rebuilds itself after being nearly demolished by Hurricane Katrina, which brought mass devastation to the Gulf Coast in late August and September.

Planners to Zone In On Hospital Site

Matthew Hersh

The Regional Planning Board is once again geared to review, and possibly adopt, changes to the Princeton Community Master Plan that, if implemented, could lead the way to future zoning at the site currently occupied by the University Medical Center Princeton.

Dillard President Connects King's Dream To Rebuilding Effort

Matthew Hersh

Princeton University's annual remembrance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not only invoked the "dream," of the lifelong civil rights activist, but tied his message in with the sobering reality of Hurricane Katrina that has upset thousands of lives along the Gulf Coast.

EMS Foresees Trouble Navigating Solutions for 206

Matthew Hersh

Preliminary findings from a three-month-long, state-funded study looking to improve declining traffic conditions on the Route 206 corridor from Nassau Street to Cherry Valley Road were subjected to yet another public hearing last week, aimed to flesh out any lingering concerns of residents.