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Question of the Week:

"What is your take on the Dick Cheney hunting accident?"

"I think the uproar is terrific because it might get more animal rights activists with their fist in the air like mine."

Janet Kirk, Harrison Street

"I just feel very sorry that it happened and it could happen to any hunter. The fuss is more political than it is a sorry accident."

John Turi, Westcott Road

"I think that it has been overblown and that's it."

Tim Sullivan, Williams Street

"I think that it is blown all out of proportion. I mean, I turn on the news and that is all I see but I like the comics' view on it, Leno's and Letterman's."

Rae Martin, Witherspoon Street

"It is just one of many indications of what we believed all along about the tendency to secretiveness and to blame everyone else including the victim. We have come to expect behavior like that."

Melissa Bohl, Hartley Avenue