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Corner House Annual Fund-raiser Promises to be a ‘Capitol’ Affair

Matthew Hersh

With presidential races on everyone’s minds these days, it only makes sense to get people thinking about Washington politics. Not the down-and-dirty kind reserved for the Sunday morning talk shows, but those of a more lighthearted variety — and for a good cause, to boot.

The Corner House Foundation, the fund-raising arm of Corner House, the non-profit municipal agency that offers counseling for adolescents, young adults, and their families, is gearing up for its annual fund-raiser at McCarter Theatre. The $125,000 campaign is only second to Corner House’s annual mailing campaign.

The Foundation raises approximately one-quarter of the Corner House budget, with those monies redistributed to Princeton Borough and Township to offset the costs.

This year’s fund-raiser, “Capitol Hijinks and Primary Politics Win the Day,” is being billed as an “alternate political reality,” with the February 20 show at McCarter featuring the political satire group Capitol Steps singing parodies and performing skits all based on inside-the-Beltway politics. Once composed entirely of former Congressional staffers, the group has moved beyond the Beltway, and, according to Corner House executive director Gary DeBlasio, it should attract the right crowd to serve the evening’s purpose.

“It’s a goodwill event, but it keeps us visible in the community,” Mr. DeBlasio said Monday. “It allows us to kind of shine for a while, meet and greet with elected officials, corporate donors, and people who really support our work. It’s a nice event to just celebrate.”

Corner House’s 2008 all-volunteer Benefit Committee, headed up by Lynette Hull and James Alsup, chiefly organized the event. “They put this together, they did all the work,” Mr. DeBlasio said. “Without our Foundation, we would never exist.”

The organization’s fund-raising goal for 2008 is $250,000.

The fund-raiser will begin at 6 p.m. with a cocktail hour, followed by “Dinner on a Shtick” at 7 p.m., the main program at 8 p.m., and dessert and coffee afterwards.

Tickets to the event are $225 each. For more information, call (609) 924-8018, or visit

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