(Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives)

"WHAT A PLACE FOR A LAKE":This photograph is one of 60 period images showing the construction of Lake Carnegie a century ago and made from a collection of period glass negatives discovered in a storage closet at the MacMillan Building in 1996. The collection was transferred to the University Archives and the glass plates were restored in a project funded by the N.J. Historical Commission. The 8-by-10 prints in Firestone Library's exhibition, "O, What a Lovely Place for a Lake: The Centennial of the Construction of Loch Carnegie," represent the first time that the negatives have been enlarged and displayed. They will be on view from now through September 24. See Art Review on page 16.

After Filing Date, Democrats Stand Alone

Matthew Hersh

Princeton Borough and Township government will likely remain all Democratic following the coming November elections, as no opposing parties have yet put forth a challenging bid.

PU Tours Master Plan Promoting a Denser, Pedestrian-Based Campus

Matthew Hersh

Representatives of Princeton University continued touring its updated master plan Monday, this time presenting the idea of a denser, more pedestrian-friendly campus to members of Township Committee.

Writers Block Set for a Curtain Call? This Time, Part II Could Be a Reality

Matthew Hersh

Princeton Writers Block, the popular 2004 outdoor installation that married literary themes with architectural innovation, could finally be due for its long-awaited encore.