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Question of the Week:

“Now that baseball season is underway, who do you think will go all the way?”


“This will be a very competitive season with old faces in new places. You have to watch out for the Dodgers because of the relocation of Manager Joe Torre who knows how to make winning teams. That said, my pick to win it all this year is the Boston Red Sox. They are having all of their pieces return; Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, John Lester, and, of course, Josh Beckett. They will meet the Dodgers in the World Series.”

Reginald Galloway, Princeton University

“My heart says the Mets but I do not know if my head agrees. I hope it is not the Yankees and I am getting tired of the Red Sox so I hope that it is somebody else.”

Jim Schwerin, Leabrook Lane

“It is very early to tell but the Padres came real close last year so I have to go with them. I hate to think it because I like the Yankees but I just think the Padres will win.”

Valerie Abrumchek, Rosedale Road


“I hope the Mets will win but my best guess is that the Red Sox will win again.”

Jack Hochman, Great Road

“It has to be the Mets; they are due. They just got Johan Santana which should help and their fans are going to make sure that they win.”

Susan Byer, Edgerstoune Road


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