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It's New to Us by Jean Stratton

BEST BAR: “The theme of the decor is a European-style coffee-wine bar. It’s tied in with the restaurant, but different. I thought there was a need for a cool lounge, with a small plate menu.” Jim Weaver, chef-owner of Tre Piani Restaurant and the new TreBar, is shown in the bar’s sunken lounge, a favorite spot for private gatherings.

Popular European-Style TreBar Complements Tre Piani Restaurant

TreBar is très bon! This new coffee/wine bar, affiliated with Tre Piani Restaurant at 120 Rockingham Row in Princeton Forrestal Village, has become a hot spot for drinks before dinner, after dinner, as well as for small plate lunch and supper.

“It’s everything and anything. There can be any combination,” says chef/owner Jim Weaver, who also owns Tre Piani Restaurant.

HAIR CARE: “The client’s needs are important. Why this color? Why this cut? We find styles that are appropriate to the client’s need.” The owners of Salon Vis à Vis, from left, David Ordini, and Debra and Carl Edinger, are proud of their quality hair care and personal service.

Expert Color, Cut and Styling Highlights Salon Vis á Vis

“Does she or doesn’t she?” That was the traditional question once upon a time. It’s hardly relevant today because the answer in so many cases is “Yes, she does!” (“He” could now be added, too.)

It’s all about hair coloring, of course. The growth in this activity over the years has been truly stunning. No longer just to cover gray, it has become a fashion statement in many instances, with a client’s color, highlights, low lights, dimensional coloring, etc. changing seasonally.